True Induction Cook-top Instructions

How To Use:

#1) Plug the power plug into a standard outlet(should already be turned on). The Power button will light up and the unit will sound to indicate on.  The device will remain in standby mode, awaiting user direction. 

#2) Place ferromagnetic cookware (with water, oil or food already inside) on the center of the glass-ceramic top center.

#3) Now press the Power button on the control panel, this will turn the cooktop on. The power display will blink and sound another indicator.

#4) Press the Heat function key once. The pre-set power level “5” is the default selection as the device turns on.

#5) Using the +/ – keys you can change the settings at any time, ranging from 1- 10. This is considered to be the HEAT function.

Note: The maximum power of an individual burner level is at setting 10. But, when operating both burners their combined total is level 10, meaning that when operating the two burners at the same time they’ll self adjust levels accordingly:  When you increase the power of one side, the power output of the other side will reduce automatically (i.e., one side is at 6, the other burner automatically reduces power to level 4 creating a total of max 10 setting).  If one side of the double burner is using the HEAT function and the other side uses the TEMP settings, the maximum HEAT setting is “5.”

Full owners manual can be found HERE